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Mount Sinai in Arabia live TV interview.
Play Video about Mount Sinai in Arabia live TV interview.
Mount Sinai in Arabia on Fire: the Law Spoken by God
Play Video about Mount Sinai in Arabia on Fire: the Law Spoken by God

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One special poster size ready-to-print digital photo emailed each month.
Monthly members-only email newsletter.
Unlimited social distance approved virtual high fives, handshakes and hugs because YOU are part of the Discovered! team!
Receive via email a special set of photos of the archaeological sites made for sharing on social media. Each month more social media sharing graphics will be added to the collection.
Ability to purchase early release of any product (DVDs, books, magazines, etc.).
Special invite to any online or local conferences.
Get a Discovered! mug featuring Noah’s ark, the split Rock of Horeb and Mount Sinai. Members will receive their free mug once they’ve been a member for 3 months.
FIRST 100 people who join will receive in their 2nd month of membership a special PDF report on the recent geophysical scans done on Noah’s ark including any upcoming new scans done this year. See detailed scan results including comparison with previous scans. Receive updated reports as new data becomes available.
PDF photo tours of Mount Sinai and Noah's ark. 100s of exclusive annotated photos taken from all around the base and the top of Mount Sinai in Arabia. Plus never before released photos of Noah’s ark before 1959 and many more showing the ark from 1956-2020. Every few months a new photo tour of the different archaeological sites will be added to the collection.
(COMING SOON!) Access to a members-only website with all our online media which will be updated regularly and will include the following features:

● Early access to our research articles.
● Exclusive video (including live video) and blog reports on-site during different expeditions!
● Raw media from all our trips. We will be slowly adding in all our media.
● Expedition reports from our past, current and future expeditions.
● Access to historical data that we collect and digitize.
A one time use per year coupon for of any item in our online store.
6 month anniversary gift! Get a free Discovered! t-shirt every 6 months that you are a member with your choice of Noah's ark, Mount Sinai, the Split Rock of Horeb or the Ark of the Covenant graphic on it. These special designs will not be for sale to the general public and will be only for our members who partner with us.
Invite to any members-only tours or expeditions to Noah’s ark in Turkey or Mount Sinai in Arabia.
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Regularly scheduled video conference calls for updates and to take any questions about the research.
1 free complimentary physical copy of any book, magazine, calendar or DVD we release.
Digital versions of all our current and future products (i.e. books, magazines, calendars, posters, DVDs, etc.)
One year anniversary gift. If you keep your membership for 12 consecutive months you will receive a 3D printed model of the Ark of the Covenant.
2 year anniversary gift! A special drawing every year will be made from those who are partnered with us at the $100/month level for at least two years. The winner will receive a free* trip to Noah’s ark OR Mount Sinai during one of the available tours. *International airfare from the winner’s location to Istanbul, Turkey or to Tabuk, Saudi Arabia is not included in the prize.
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